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Christmas Light Installation
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Christmas Light Installation

Christmas seems like it comes earlier each year. The holiday season that stretches from Halloween to Thanksgiving and then through New Year can be one of the most stressful times for families. Between school, adult work, extra curricular activities, and your regular life, untangling the Christmas Lights may not fit in your schedule, let alone hanging the lights.

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And it’s probably not your favorite thing to do in the first place. The lights may not work, they are tangled, and going up and down the ladder is dangerous.

North Star Home Services will get your house looking festive, from Charlie Brown to Clark Griswold, we can handle your installation. And we have newer more energy efficient lights to help you save a little power Clark.

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Christmas Light Installation Rates

$1.50 per foot for install.
$1.00 per foot for removal

North Star provided lights strings (Custom C7 LED Christmas Lights)

$4.00 per foot for install.
$1.00 per foot for removal

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