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As you know windows in your property at Normandy Park in Washington State are not just meant to bring in the fresh air and natural light. Yes, they will also give an aesthetic appeal to your property. But, they will continue to provide the aesthetic appeal only when they are kept clean and tidy. If you are concerned how to clean the windows at places that cannot be reached like in the first floor of your building, we at North Star Home Service can help you by providing the best window cleaning in Normandy Park WA.

How we stand out from our competitors?

We have the local team of professional window cleaners. When you hire us for your window cleaning needs, you can stay confident that our cleaners very well know the local laws related to their workplace safety. We have provided them the best training and so they can bring in exceptional value to the money that you spend for window cleaning. We also assure you of on-time arrival as per the agreed terms. Further, our friendly and courteous experts will bring in sparkling glow to your windows such that they will let in more light, thereby improving the appearance of your home.

Do you know the importance of dryer vent cleaning?

Not just window cleaning, we also offer dryer vent cleaning in Normandy Park WA. By offering this service, we will ensure that the quality of air in your property remains clean and healthy. Lint is the biggest issue for dryer vents and when they are not properly removed your dryer will stop functioning in the long run. We use professional rotary tools to ensure that not just lint, but also any other debris in your dryer vent is safely removed without causing any damage to your venting system. You can contact us for a free estimate to carry out the work.

Is gutter cleaning important for your property?

As you know, one of the biggest issues faced by homes in Normandy Park is the heavy storm. After a heavy storm, similar to roofs, gutters also gather a lot of debris. When gutters clog, they can cause water damage to your property. The reason is that an unclean gutter will not properly let the rainwater to get out of your roof. With our gutter cleaning in Normandy Park WA, we will ensure that clogging is prevented, thereby protecting the property from rainwater damage. We offer gutter cleaning both before and after a harsh weather condition at Normandy Park.

Do you wish to get a fresh look to your property?

Not just you, most homeowners in Normandy Park wish that their property should look tidy. To achieve the same without spending hugely on overall external painting work, we offer pressure washing in Normandy Park WA to make sure that your property looks good. Not just for your entire house, we also offer this service for front porches, walkways, decks, and garage floors as well.

In addition to these services, you can also hire us for roof cleaning in Normandy Park WA to improve the life of your roof. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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