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If you live in Seattle for long, you know that there are no specific rainy months as such as the locals say. Of course, you can have more rains in the months of October to March. So you should keep your property ready from April to September to face heavy rains. We at North Star Home Services are here to help you in this regard. As we have been serving the people of Seattle for long, we very well know the climatic conditions and so we will suggest the right time to opt for a pressure washing in New Castle WA for your property.

What does pressure washing involve?

If you are new to the term pressure washing, you should know that it is otherwise called as power washing. It is nothing, but the use of high-pressure water spray for removing mud, dust, grime, mold, loose paint and chewing gum from objects or surfaces like concrete surfaces, vehicles, and buildings. We offer pressure washing service to the exterior of your property, to the walkways, driveways, garage floor, and deck to give these areas a very fresh look as well. We use only trained personnel to carry out this work on your property.

What should you know about our window cleaning service?

As you might have experienced yourself, cleaning windows is a tedious and time-consuming and is also a dangerous task. This is why we suggest you hire us for window cleaning New Castle WA. By doing so, you will get dependable and timely service from someone, who cares highly about your satisfaction. We assure you of clean windows on your property after our trained professionals carry out the work. We understand your concern about the safety of our employees, but they are rightly trained to be safe during the process.

What will we do to keep your gutters clean?

When you prepare your home to face the rainy season, gutters are important to consider. The thing to remember here is that gutters that are not properly attended will carry heavy debris that has accumulated over time. Not just debris, standing water from the rain will also gather if the gutter is full of debris. Studies show that the water and the debris can put heavyweight, thereby damaging the angle of the gutter. In turn, the standing water can get back to the home or can overflow to the foundation of your property, thereby flooding the basement. To avoid these things from happening we offer gutter cleaning in New Castle WA.

Is your roof ready for the winter?

Not just gutters, we also offer roof cleaning in New Castle WA both before and after severe weather. The reason is that the roof can gather a lot of leaves and other dust and dirt in the long run. If they are not cleared, they will clog the gutters in the case of rain. Further, roof cleaning will help with extending the life of the roof as well.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we at North Star Home Services offer Dryer Vent Cleaning in New Castle WA as well.

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