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The second largest neighborhood in Seattle, Magnolia is isolated from the rest of Seattle to a great extent. Only three bridges connect this city to the rest of the cities. However, we are happy to share that we at North Star Home Services are ready to serve your property in this part of the Washington State. Get in touch with us today for a free inspection!

What can we do for you?

We at North Star Home Services are experts in cleaning different areas of your property. Be it roof cleaning Magnolia WA or gutter cleaning Magnolia WA, you can contact us to make sure that your roof and your gutters will experience better lifespan. With our regular cleaning services, we can assure you that your gutters and roof will remain safe against the harsh climatic conditions. We offer these services not just before the onset of a harsh climate in Magnolia, but also after a heavy climatic condition.

Are you concerned about the safety of our workers in reaching the top of your property in removing debris from the roof and gutter? Nothing to worry, we use ladders that are OSCHA approved and we use only the trained workforce to ensure that the works are carried out on your property at Magnolia with utmost safety and professional standards.

What other services do we offer?

In addition to roof and gutter cleaning, we also offer pressure washing Magnolia WA. It is a service that will remove the dirt and dust from the external walls of your property after a heavy storm. Not just for the exteriors of your property, we offer this service for your walkways, decks, front porches and garage floors as well. Our pressure washing service is certified and we use experienced technicians to carry out the work with the utmost perfection.

What will you get from our dryer vent cleaning service?

With our dryer vent cleaning Magnolia WA, we will address all the safety concerns associated with an unclean dryer vent. Further, our service will make sure that the efficiency and energy savings feature of your dryer will improve. Most importantly with the regular dryer vent cleaning the quality of indoor air in your property will improve considerably.

Should you get your window cleaning service?

If you are thinking about Window Cleaning Magnolia WA, you know that it should be done with utmost care. So, we use only trained professionals to carry out the work. We use certified equipment for window cleaning. Even, the ladder we use for carrying out this work is OSCHA certified. We use these ladders to ensure the complete safety of our cleaning staff.

All our services are aimed at enhancing the value of your property by all means. Irrespective of the service you look for from us, you can call us for a no-obligation free quote. We assure you of top-notch and professional service, irrespective of the work for which you wish to hire us. We are a locally owned company focused on offering the best-in-class service to our customers. So, you can contact us with confidence.

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