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As you know, Leshi is a neighborhood of Seattle and this lake town has greater chances of having wet air. The wet air will bring in more dust and dirt that easily stick to the exteriors of your home in this part of the Washington State. So, if you are concerned about too much sand and other types of dust that destroys the exterior look of your property, we at North Star Home Services can help you. How can we help you? Yes, we have the right expertise in pressure washing in Leshi WA.

How our pressure washing service will help your building?

When we pressure wash your driveway, siding, deck and other exterior areas of your home, we will quickly and effectively get rid of sediment, dirt and other debris. In addition to enhancing the beauty of your exteriors, this service will also reduce the wear and tear. It happens because we will get rid of weeds, insects, chalk, algae, mold and other substances in your exterior. These buildups over time can lead to damage to the masonry, wood and other things on your property if remains un-attempted.

How about our dryer vent cleaning service?

Before you understand about the dryer vent cleaning in Leshi WA service that we offer, we want you to first understand the causes of a clogged dryer vent, such that you can understand the importance of vent cleaning at least once in a year:

What causes clogged dryer vent?

In general, the vents in the dryer clogs with the accumulation of enough lint in the ventilation system, thereby causing a blockage. Clogging of dryer vent can happen in many ways. For instance, if the distance of the dryer ventilation system is more, it will increase the chances of curves and bends in the system. In these places, more lint is likely to gather. Another reason is that the tubes in the ventilation system are generally made out of pliable foil or plastic. It can easily be crushed or dented with higher pressure. Another reason is that if the ventilation or the dryer vent is poorly connected, it can cause lint to trap. Also, in some systems, the ventilation screens serve for preventing animals from gaining access to ventilation. However, these screens can also lead to trapping of lint. To ensure the proper functioning of the dryer, the vent cleaning is important.

What is special about our gutter cleaning service?

We also offer gutter cleaning Leshi WA. We offer this service to homeowners in Leshi to make sure that there will not be any clogs in the gutter. It is highly important that the gutter should function properly during the rainy season to let out the water from your property. Here, our regular gutter cleaning will help with removal of debris, such that your gutters will continue to solve the purpose of installation.

Is your roof healthy enough?

Do you know that with harsh weather, the roof of your property is something that gets quickly damaged, if not properly maintained? This is why we offer roof cleaning in Leshi WA both before and after a poor weather condition, such that you can ensure the longevity of your roof.

Even, we offer window cleaning in Leshi WA to enhance the overall look and value of your property.

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