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If you are new to Federal Way and you have brought a new property, you should know about the climatic conditions in this area. At North Star Home Services we have been serving this area for long and so we know very well about the climatic conditions in this area and the right time to carry out cleaning works like dryer vent cleaning, window cleaning in Federal Way WA, gutter and roof cleaning and also the ideal time to pressure wash your property, so that you can enhance the value of your property.

Which is the idea period for roof cleaning?

If you think about the right time to get a roof cleaning in Federal Way WA done from a professional service provider, with our experience in this work, we suggest that the ideal months are from June to September. The reason is that this region will have pleasant weather during this season, such that workers can carry out roof cleaning works with ease. Further, as the rainy season begins in the month of November every year and extends until February in the next year, we suggest that the roof cleaning should be done before the rainy season.

Why is roof cleaning important before the rainy season?

If your roof is not cleaned before the rainy season, water will stagnate in the roof and the moisture can cause damage to your roof in the long run. Further, if rainwater stays on the roof, it might seep into the property as well. Not just to prevent water damage to the roof, but also to the property, we suggest that roof cleaning before the rainy season is important.

How about gutter cleaning?

Similar to roof cleaning before the rainy season, we suggest you to hire us for gutter cleaning in Federal Way WA before the rainy season. The gutter in any property is responsible for carrying out water from the roof to remove it from the roof. So, you should make sure that not just the roof, but also the gutter is free of any debris, dust and dry leaves before the onset of rainy season.

When is pressure washing the ideal choice?

In case, you are planning to rent your property at Federal Way, you can negotiate better rent for your property, only when your property looks good in the eyes of the onlookers. With the use of the best equipment for pressure washing our technicians will spray the water on your building in such a way that the dust and dirt in all part of the property will be removed just with the help of water. With pressure washing in Federal Way WA regardless of the age of the property, you can get the fresh look for your property. July is the driest month in a year in Federal Way and so you can get pressure washing on your property during this month so that the property will quickly dry.

In addition to these cleaning services, we at North Start Home Services also offer dryer vent cleaning in Federal Way WA. With the regular dryer vent cleaning, you can extend the life of your dryer.

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