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If you are in Des Moines, you very well know that the city in Washington State is located very far from large water bodies. So, you will have snowy cold winters and humid hot summers in this region. The snowy winters can create huge piles of ice to form in your roof. If you do not do a roof cleaning in Des Moines WA before the onset of snow, you cannot ensure that there will not be any water seepage from your roof. So, we at North Star Home Services offer roof cleaning service before and after extreme climatic conditions.

Have you recently cleaned your dryer vent?

Before and after the extremely cold winters, you should also go for dryer vent cleaning in Des Moines WA. Otherwise, the ice can block the dryer vent, thereby increasing the chances of fire. We use the best equipment and also experienced staff to make sure that the dryer remains safe after harsh climatic conditions after bearing the heavy workload on a daily basis.

How can we extend the life of your windows?

We very well know that windows in addition to bringing the external air to your property, also adds aesthetic appeal. If your windows are not clean, you cannot enjoy the view of the colder winters by staying indoors through your windows. So, we offer window cleaning in Des Moines to make sure that you can get a clear view at all times of the year. Whenever you feel bored, you can just stare outdoors through your clean windows during cold winter days.

Do your gutters carry out their right roles?

As the fall in Des Moines brings colorful fall foliage, if you have trees around your property, you should have your gutters cleaned as well on a regular basis. The dry leaves will be all over your roof and similar to the roof, they will gather in gutters as well. So, if gutter cleaning in Des Moines WA is not done after this season, it will create issues during the rainy season as the water cannot move properly. So, we offer this service to prepare your property for a safe winter.

Do you wish to enhance the overall look of your property?

If you plan to sell your property at Des Moines, you should ensure that your property looks good from the eyes of the prospective buyers. Only then, they will be ready to pay a good price for your property. But, are you worried about whether you should carry out an overall painting work to enhance the looks. No, you need not have to pay a huge sum for painting, but you can do one thing. Yes, you can opt for pressure washing in Des Moines WA. We use the best devices to pressure wash your property’s exteriors. Our pressure washing will help us remove all the dirt and dust that your property has gathered from the extreme climatic conditions. In turn, your property will get a fresh look, such that you can demand a better price for your property from the prospective buyers.

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